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This popular conference will again inspire and assist the marketing and communication industry with its 8th annual edition. The two day conference will be held in Somerset West and Johannesburg and promises to inform and inspire both the professional marketer as well as those keen to get fresh ideas on marketing their products and services.

Delegates will get the opportunity to listen to 14+ industry leaders covering an array of current topics of the marketing discipline. The conference also offers great networking opportunities for marketers.

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Agenda Outline...



There will be six main agenda themes and 14+ speakers over the two days:
+ Marketing & communication strategies & trends
+ Audience & target market development
+ Branding for success
+ Product, Place & Price
+ Marketing mediums, media & promotions
+ Customer Relations

Full programme details will be available early April 2018.

Tickets:R4500 pp for 2 day access

includes access to the two day conference,
refreshments, lunch, parking & VAT


The relentless pursuit of Awesome
Jordan Wallace – CEO: Gorilla

This talk covers "awesome" as a strategy in marketing, advertising and business in general. To stand out from the crowd marketers have to constantly craft creative strategies to get the attention they need. In this talk Jordan will unpack some useful tips how marketers can achieve this.

Jordan is the co-founder, strategic-ponderer and CEO of Gorilla, an award-winning creative digital agency with offices in Durban and Johannesburg. Over the past 10 years they have worked as partners to Unilever, Nestle, GSK, Mondelez, Tiger Brands, Merck Pharmaceuticals, BP Castrol, BATA and SAB and are proud to a part of the team that makes brands such as AXE, Shield, Lux, Stork, Castrol, Milo, King Cone, Country Fresh, Slow-Mag, Illiadin, Lipton, JOKO and others, awesome.


Digital landscape & trends
Johanna McDowell – MD: Independent Agency Search and Selection Company (IAS)

Her company the IAS in partnership with Spanish based research company SCOPEN recently completed the 2nd Edition of Scopen AgencyScope (which is a study into the key marketing communication trends in SA). Overall, they have interviewed 384 professionals working in the Communications Industry in South Africa. This puts her in a position to comment on the current digital landscape in South Africa and point out digital trends that marketers should take note off.

Johanna is the Managing Director of IAS, and has a strong background that includes being on both the agency and the client side of the fence. Johanna McDowell is well placed to offer commentary on marketing and advertising in both the South African and international contexts. She has built her career in marketing and advertising since 1974, holding directorship in both South African and British advertising agencies. An “entrepreneurial heart in a power suit”, McDowell understands the industry from the inside.


Creative Strategy – connecting brands with audiences
Dean Oelschig – MD:  Halo Advertising

Brands need to stop thinking like brands and become more human. Disruption is dead. Permission is everything. Disruption worked for a while but, at its core, it interrupts. Brands need to become more human and create work that receives permission to communicate with their audiences.

Dean Oelschig is the founder of Halo, an indie communication design agency that creates ideas for business growth. Halo is setting out to make below-the-line sexy again. Whether it's design, digital or direct, below-the-line communication based on a brave idea can give business incredible returns.


How big data can help you to define small markets
Pierre Cassuto – GM Honeykome

In this session you will learn why the term ‘content marketing’ is a misnomer and how marketers need to focus on the flow of communication through the entire marketing ecosystem, rather than being hung up on one small piece of the puzzle. If the message is refined (using the learnings from big data) and customised to speak to smaller audiences (the multiples of which make a big global audience) as it flows through to the consumer, customer engagement becomes a natural ‘next step’ rather than a bulky bolt-on. Learn how data, message and engagement form part of an integrated marketing stream or “Flow Marketing”.

Pierre is the General Manager of Honeykome and the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Ole Media Group. While mainly known for his many wins at Ogilvy Interactive and his role in launching ZANEWS, his eclectic background includes experience in marketing, advertising, media, online publishing and television.


Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing
Matthew Barclay - Area Director -

Artificial Intelligence stands to disrupt every facet of corporate decision making as we know it, not least of which is the way in which marketers and advertisers ply their craft. Aside from the automation of a variety of now standard daily tasks, the true benefit of machine learning and AI will be the newfound capacity to make sense of mountainous volumes of structured and unstructured data, often in real time. With this in mind, Matt Barclay explores what the rise of AI means for digital marketers, as well as the field of big data analysis, in years to come.

Matthew Barclay, Area Director of Africa at Meltwater, is a seasoned SAAS industry professional with expertise in establishing and scaling tech based enterprises across emerging markets. Barclay’s passion and experience in digital media and business development have seen him feature as a guest speaker at a variety of thought leadership and skills development events, including GrowthHub and Outside Insight. Working closely with Meltwater’s Silicon Valley operations, Barclay is well positioned to comment on trends in big data and media intelligence, with specific emphasis on how these will take shape across Africa in years to come.


Practical Marketing Tips – How Big Business can learn from Small Business
Basil O’Hagan – BOH Marketing

Many South African corporates, medium sized businesses and small enterprises have their eyes on the horizon, dreaming of how they can market their business to the world ‘out there’.  Meanwhile, their market is right in front of their eyes, next door, across the road, in the Neighbourhood. 

The tips that you will take away from Basil’s Talk on ‘Practical Marketing Tips’, are simple and easily executed.  Some tips will be new, whilst others will be a reminder of how to re-introduce existing marketing tips into your marketing strategy, which will help you attract customers, make sales and boost profits, in your own backyard!

With more than 4 decades of experience, Basil O’Hagan is one of South Africa’s leading marketing and customer service authorities. He has worked in the corporate sector, as an entrepreneur and as CEO of a listed company. He has been a franchisor and a franchisee.  In 1993 he started the O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill chain, which at one stage was the largest themed Irish pub and grill chain in the world.

Armed with an expensive education from his O’Hagan’s venture, Basil established a new pub and grill franchise, The Brazen Head. It became another much-loved South African brand.  Today he applies that experience in various parts of business, from small and medium sized enterprises, to corporates, as a neighbourhood marketing and customer service specialist. 

Storytelling for a Connected World
Shukri Toefy – CEO: Fort Agency

Understanding the structure of effective storytelling for brands towards modern audiences, and branding within the creative economy. The manner of storytelling has become fragmented and this is a reflection of how our means of consuming content has become heavily disrupted in the digital and social age. If brands are now considered authors surely the principles of the 30 sec TVC cannot be used across all consumption channels. Through best practice, case studies and experimental approaches Shukri maps out the present and future of connecting with audiences.

Shukri Toefy is an entrepreneur, film producer, co-founder and CEO of FORT. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town with a degree in Law and Politics and is a pioneer in creating an in-sourcing structure for film, media and creative services in South Africa. Shukri serves on a number of boards, and has presented on a number of topics including, creative economies, entrepreneurship, content and storytelling. He is featured as part of Africa’s Under 40 CEOs, and is a contributor to a number of publications.

When & Where Personal and Corporate Brands Collide
Sibusiso Radebe - Operations Manager: BWD Advertising

Millions of previously “ordinary” citizens the world over have discovered how to leverage social media tools to publish and share content online, rapidly establishing themselves as thought-leaders in their chosen field of interest. Many of these individuals are now recognised as key influencers and are enjoying perks previously reserved for the media elite.

Questions this session will cover are:
Are YOU a brand? Does having Social media currency make YOU a brand? Can a personal brand coexist within a corporate brand? Where does the individual end and the organisation start?

In this session, well interrogate arguments on both sides of the equation and endeavour to ask critical questions of marketers on what kind of corporate brands they want to build into the future & how brands of influencers, employees, celebrities will impact corporate brands in the future.

Sibusiso’s professional history is a case in point for the phrase: “the harder I work, the luckier I get.”  As such, he co-founded BWD Advertising and Unplugg IT. Apart from his dogged persistence and devotion to “work as hard as it takes,” Sibusiso’s humility has to be a sure contributor to his success. He prefers to talk about “lessons learnt” rather than “achievements.” He also believes one should learn a new skill every year, instead of sitting on your laurels and thinking “I have arrived.” Plus, rather than blowing his own trumpet, he prefers to measure himself by the growth and results achieved for clients. It is perhaps because of leadership principles such as these that today, more than a decade since its inception; both BWD and Unplugg IT.


Brand Strategy in the digital age - Leveraging Tech & Innovation
Paula Sartini, founder and CEO of BrandQuantum

As the world continues to digitize at a rapid rate, marketers are faced with new challenges that didn’t exist even a few decades ago with the, now seemingly straightforward, channels of TV, radio, and print media. Ad campaigns could be coordinated across channels and, so long as the brand was strong, the product could be sold. In an age of social media, apps, and VR, the opportunities presented by emerging technologies are matched by the challenges, and marketers are being forced to navigate them quickly in an increasingly competitive environment. Many marketers have adopted social media as a means to keep up with the latest trends, and while there is value in keeping up to date with emerging technologies and new platforms on which to engage your audience, the obsession with rushing to use the latest app or social media platform all too often neglects the core fundamentals of brand strategy. How can companies get this balancing act right and leverage the latest technologies and innovations in order to achieve branding success?

Paula is an analytical thinker that strives to solve business problems with innovative solutions. She is passionate about the role technology has to play in addressing business challenges. For over 20 years Paula has helped leading organisations across South Africa to overcome various business challenges. Having studied commerce, branding and marketing coupled with a solid business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit, Paula has an innate ability to logically solve problems with creative solutions. Paula is the founder and CEO of BrandQuantum, a software company that strives to addresses business’s branding challenges in the digital age.



How to build a value proposition
Rita Doherty, Chief Strategy Office at FCB Africa

Price is tangible and comparable, but value perception is in the mind, which means it's elastic, and can be influenced. Using the latest insights from Nobel prize-winning Behavioural Economics, FCB Africa has developed 36 tactics to help brands boost their value proposition.

Rita Doherty is Chief Strategic Officer for FCB Africa and the Strategic Director of FCB Johannesburg. She works across a vast array of brands, including SA’s no 1. and No. 2 most loved brands – KOO and Coke. She has won six Apex awards, and been part of the winning leadership team that has seen FCB win Sunday Times Brand Agency of the Year two years in a row. Rita majored in Literature and Philosophy, with a post-graduate degree in Literature and an MBA with cum laude dissertation. She is currently writing a marketing book called THE BIG EASY which brings together the marketing laws of Ehrenberg-Bass with the insights from Behavioural Economics, but in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Half the book is very obvious; and the other half is very heretical.


Digital video is taking over the world of branding - how to keep up.
Danilo Acquisto – CEO: Special Effects Media South Africa

Do you want to know why digital video is taking over the world of media? Do you want to know why when you posted that one video of your trip on holiday on YouTube you only got 35 views? How about understanding how the landscape of media is shifting and why digital video is not just a fad or another passing trend but a medium that is here to stay? Then this is a must-attend session! We'll focus on the digital video revolution, we'll look at consumer habits, we'll look at the various platforms and how to own video on each and finally we will touch on some practical elements focussing on influencers and how to produce on the various social platforms.

Danilo Acquisto is a presenter, a radio show host and the CEO of Special Effects Media South Africa. One of SA's best-known TV celebrities, Danilo presents on SABC3's Afternoon Express daily. His company works with some of the most influential YouTube creators in SA and they consult with some massive brands on building a long term video strategy. It's a first of its kind in South Africa. He works with the homeless and doesn't sit still. Dynamic is probably the only word we can use to encapsulate him.


Is social service the new marketing?
Mike Oelschig - Head of Advisory: Cerebra

While more and more customers are migrating to social media as their primary channel of communicating with brands, few companies have fully embraced all that social service has to offer. This talk explores the opportunities and risks of engaging with your customers on social channels, while giving practical tips on how to thrive in this space.

Mike Oelschig is the Head of Advisory at Cerebra. A qualified attorney focusing on corporate litigation and contracts, his role at Cerebra sees him help large corporates build a holistic and strategic social media offering – looking at elements such as resourcing, training, process modelling and communication strategy. Mike is the author of The Social Media Crisis Handbook, as well as being a contributor to various marketing publications. Cerebra was acquired by WPP in 2013 and operates under the banner of Wunderman Sub-Saharan Africa.


Marketing and the fourth industrial revolution
Bradley Elliot – Platinum Seed

Humanity is on the brink of a technology revolution that will forever change the way we live, work, and communicate with each other. If The Fourth Industrial Revolution is set to bring massive growth to economies, what will it mean for marketers? Platinum Seed’s Bradley Elliott unpacks marketing’s future challenges and changes.

Bradley is the Founder and MD of digital growth agency Platinum Seed. He specialises in delivering digital solutions, aimed at delivering brand awareness, increasing business efficiency, and developing deep-level consumer engagement. He is also the Founder of Continuon, a social intelligence and personalised marketing platform, as well as a Founding Partner in getTOD, an on-demand app for tradesmen. Fundamentally, he believes that technology has the ability to change the world and the way we do business.


Mobile Marketing – Let’s Get Personal.
Candice Goodman – MD: Mobitainment

The latest mobile stats and trends that are making hyper-personalisation possible in South Africa – we unpack not only WHY, but HOW to get personal on mobile using award winning case studies and the latest tools available on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and through personalised videos – turning the Mobile phone into a Sell phone!

Candice Goodman is the Managing Director for Mobitainment, over 11 years old. They have won multiple international and local awards over the past 10 years. Mobitainment earned the coveted title of "SME of the year, 2016" from DMA SA, showing the importance of mobile as a medium to achieve measurable ROI. Candice is a prolific speaker on the subject of mobile around South Africa, Africa and in Europe about her passion for mobile in the African Market at various conferences over the years.


Measuring the consumer expectation gap - Why social sentiment matters.
Jean-Marie Botha - Global Partnerships Manager: BrandsEye

Online media has empowered millions of citizens around the globe. The democratization of public opinion now means that anyone with internet access can have their say on social media platforms, unprompted at any time. In this fast-paced world of self-publishing and social media, governments and business are struggling to keep up with the pace, scale and volatility of public opinion. 

Being able to measure and understand how and why people feel the way they do is therefore of high strategic value and can provide significant competitive advantage especially from a CX perspective. This is, however, extremely difficult to do accurately, and at scale - as demonstrated by the failure of traditional public opinion polling to predict the outcome of the 2016 Brexit referendum and US Presidential Election. New artificial intelligence techniques help with the scale challenge but are still a long way from being consistently accurate. Traditional CX metrics like NPS although still important play a historical view on actual customer experience, social sentiment data allows one to track sentiment over time, allowing one to see at a granular level what is driving CX. 

Jean-Marie Botha is a Global Partnerships Manager at BrandsEye. She completed her Diploma in Marketing and Advertising at Varsity College and is also fully accredited as a financial advisor specializing in the Short Term Insurance Industry. Having experience in both commercial insurance and e-commerce and with a passion for data analytics, she found her way to the Opinion Mining Company, BrandsEye. 



Customer-Centric Branding
Femi Adebanji - Business Motivational Speaker

True customer-centric marketing is a shift in paradigm. It is a shift from allowing the organisation’s business objectives to determine its marketing and branding strategy to one where the customer determines, shapes and influences the company’s marketing and branding strategy. As customers are more informed and empowered than ever before, evolving into a brand of distinction now means that companies need to put themselves in the shoes of their customers, understand them better and position their brands to exceed the expectations of their customers. By pursuing a customer-centric marketing strategy that puts the customer at the centre of everything that you do, not only do companies set themselves up for success but in the long term create a resilient brand that offers value, remains relevant and ultimately remains agile and competitive in an ever changing world.

Femi Adebanji is the director of the Mind-Advance Institute and a sought-after speaker and motivator. As a performance consultant he works with individuals and companies to design plans of action to realise their potential, achieve their goals, become more effective and maximise performance. He holds a Masters degree in Financial Economics and an Honors degree in Economics.

Who should attend? Who attended before? What did they say?
Marketing directors & managers
Advertising agencies
Brand managers, Marketing professionals
PR agencies, Sales people
Account executives
Communication directors
Media buyers & suppliers
Broadcasting & Telecommunications
Event & conference organisers
Retail merchandisers
Resellers and agencies
Field researchers, Education institutions
Government, IT Departments and managers
Production managers

Here are some companies who attended before:

African Impact Sales and Marketing, Bidvest Insurance Brokers, Cape Nature, Cape Town Tourism, Capfin, Colourworks, Communicare, Diemersdal,, EDS Distribution,
EZT Travel, First Technology, Foster Clark, Imana Foods, Mediamark, MMJ Consulting, Montagu Trading Company, NB Marketing, Netafim, Orms, Petroleum Agency SA, Reeds Motor Group, Robertson Winery, Rovic Leers, Sanlam Private Wealth, Santam, Slots Shared Services, The Lightness of Being, Thomas Tyres, Twenty57, Two Oceans Aquarium, Adapt IT,
Altech NuPay, Barloworld Transport, Basadzi Media, BBF Safety Group, Carpet Purchasers, Combination Printers & Projects, Contiki SAS, dot GOOD, DRA Projects SA, Electrosonic SA, Eqstra Fleet Management, Foghound Interactive, Fragomen Africa, Galetti Commercial & Industrial,
Herbalife International, Homemation, Intervet, Kidzania, Media Update, MotorHappy, Multitrade Distributors, Oracle, Pearson South Africa, PocketMedia Solutions, Resolve Solution, Partners, Richards Bay IDZ, Sabinet, Safari Investments RSA,
SAICE, Sandton Convention Centre, and many more...

95% will reccommend MI to others
90% consider to attend in future

“Attending the Marketing Indaba was probably the best thing we have done for our business in a long time. It made us realise our marketing mistakes and although we knew that we needed to be unique, we weren’t bringing this into our marketing properly. Since attending the conference and implementing the changes, we realised that our website traffic has almost doubled and the amount of sign up forms completed on our website have grown by 20%.  This was achieved in 6 months and we haven’t even implemented everything that we have learnt from the speakers!”
- Leigh Goosen,
MD: WAPPoint & Mobilecash

Please Note: We reserve the right to make changes to the programme without prior notice. Registered delegates will receive final programme updates prior to the event. Special Kosher catering is available and can be ordered in at an additional cost to the delegate.


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